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November 13, 2019



      Today, begin to alter the way you perceive those around you, and the world in general.  Today, I wish to share with you one of the ways of those who walk in wisdom.  Whatever another says to you today, push your ego aside, and welcome what they are revealing to you.  Even though it might not match what you see or what you would do, even though it might smack of anger or hatred, even though it might carry energies of confrontation, listen to what another is revealing to you.  Do not get caught-up in their revenge, or their retaliation, or their anger, or even guilt.  Stand in a receiving place, and listen to what they are saying, without responding in kind, for it is in this way that you know the hearts of those around you.  What are they revealing to you?  What are they saying to you?  What are they doing?  When you accept what they are saying to you, you know them.  You know how to speak with them.  You know how I can love them through you.  You know how to pray, and you know what to do.  Listen as I listen to you.  Be still as I AM when I AM listening to you.  If you do this, your life will be peaceful, and you will be filled with wisdom, because you will know the heart of those around you, so they will be comfortable speaking their heart around you.  Eventually, there will be no confrontation at all, because each of those around you are comfortable and confident that you will hear their heart, and they will be at peace knowing this.

                                                           And The Holy Spirit says:

       Therefore, let it be.