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November 13, 2020



      No matter where you are, or what you are doing, you are either: blessing the environment around you, and within you; or, you are contaminating the environment around you, and within you.  Pay attention to what you are thinking, saying, and doing.  Make a choice to bless yourself, and all, abiding within the environment around you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Refuse to permit anger to control your thoughts, words, and deeds.  Refuse to be controlled by anger, in any way.  The energy of anger creates a vibration, which moves throughout your body, weakening it, rather than strengthening it.  The vibration of anger has the ability to create disease within the body.  Know this, and act upon it.  Bless yourself, and bless all those around you, with a peaceful presence.  Whenever you feel anger, rising-up, threatening to devour you, cast the spirit of anger from you, and begin to create peace where there was once anger.  If anger is within you, it is yours to destroy.  And, once it is accomplished, peace will be your constant companion, and your presence will be a blessing to all God’s creation.