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November 14, 2019



      You have all you need to live upon the Earth, for even the trees and the plants support your life upon the Earth.  The trees live therefore, you breathe, you live.  You have been given all you need, but so that you are a partner with Me, connected with Me, continuing creation with Me: you must go to the river to catch the fish; you must pour the water in the glass so you might drink; you must approach the banquet table, and be seated, before you can be served.  You take part every day in the continuation of My creation.  It is so, so that you might live your part of creation.  You join Mother Earth in her creation, for she continues My creation, as well.  She provides seeds for you to sow, and plants for you to set-out in the garden.  Some are for beauty and fragrance, and some sustain your life.  Food for life.  You are My child, and you are a co-creator.  And, while you are upon the Earth, you sustain creation through all you do.  You have everything you need.

                                                      And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you have ever been on a team, people pulling together, and working together, you understand the importance of teamwork, carrying something forward, with everyone doing their part.  Perhaps you have even felt a bit left-out when the others were doing their part, and you were left with nothing to do.  You longed to be a part of the team, working together.  You are a part of the team, sustaining and continuing creation.  You are a co-creator with God.  Look around you, see all that is available for you, and take care of that which has been given to you.  Today, love one another, and be kind to all creation.