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November 14, 2020



      Talk to Me, as we walk into this new day, together.  For, as we walk and talk, your thoughts will be of good, of light, and of peace.  They will be of love, for these are things which I give unto you.  All good will flow from Me to you, because, My son, My daughter, I AM love.  You will not hear Me speak, harshly.  You will feel Me wipe away every tear.  You will not hear Me correct, sternly.  You will smile, as you hear Me say, “I love you.”  This is The Way to begin each day; but now, carry through, all through the day, these sacred words you do say, as you pray.  For I then become the buffer of the cruel and harsh ways of the world, created by man.  Come, let us begin.  Take My hand, and let this day be a day we spend together.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is a harshness, there is a mean spirit, which travels in the world created by man, and it is growing larger, and larger.  Those who would have never said the things, that are flowing from their mouth with ease, years before, find it quite comfortable to say these things, behind screens, hiding in darkness and shadow.  The ways of the world are toxic.  The Ways of God are sweet, and comforting, and, at the same time, powerful, and potent.  Make the decision, this morning, to create a sacred day for yourself, in a sacred space you create for yourself, and then you will hear, the words you say, in a different way.  Your thoughts, your words, and your deeds, will be of God, will remind you of Home, will let you know you are not alone.