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November 15, 2019



      Your body is the vessel for your spirit and your soul.  Your body is the garment of Earth which doth hold the sacred spirit and sacred soul.  Do not permit this garment of Earth to cover the nobility, to hide the holiness, to obstruct the glory of God from shining through what you think, and say, and do.  Connect every day and begin to know your spirit and your soul better than you know the body which doth hold them.  Your body is meant to act as the hands, and the feet, and the ears, and the eyes so that you might move over the Earth to accomplish the goals of the spirit and the soul.  Do not get them confused.  Begin to know the real you, the spirit that is you.

                                                          And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is easy to believe that you are the reflection in the mirror that you see every day, many times a day, but that is not you.  That is the garment of Earth wrapped around the eternal you; and, the eternal you has something to do upon the Earth.  Do not allow the body to hinder the spirit and the soul from accomplishing this heavenly goal and bringing Heaven onto the Earth.