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November 15, 2020



      “I AM with you.  I reach-out and touch you, today, and bring you the message, I AM with you.  Be not afraid, for nothing can harm you.  You are an eternal being, and you shall live forever.  The cloak you where now, the human body, you are experiencing now, is temporary, and shall fall from you.  It will return to dust.  But the eternal you, the spirit that is you, shall live forever.                       


      “My time upon Earth, some two thousand years ago, was a time of upheaval, turmoil, mistrust, suspicion, occupation.  It was not a time of great comfort and peace.  I came at a time when soldiers, walked in the street, and did as they pleased.  I came at a time when people were told what to do, and where to go.  I came at a time when people had to be careful what they said to others.  I came at a time of intolerance.  I came at a time when war could break-out, easily.  I came at a time when the armies of another country subdued the peoples of My country.  Yet, in the midst of all this, My message, to all who would hear Me, was: to love one another; to be kind to one another; to give, when you were asked for something; to not judge others.  I came at that time, of turmoil and unrest, bringing the message of love.  I speak these words to you today, because when you remember stories of My time, when you remember words I spoke, rarely do you remember that I was speaking, to love one another, when there was great hatred all around us. 

      “It is important for you to remember, this situation, and condition, today, because you might be tempted to say, ‘I cannot love that one.  I cannot be kind to that one.  How can I love that one, when they do not love me; and, how can I be kind to that one, when they are not kind to me?’  And I say, it is possible to love in the face of hate, and to be kind in the face of cruelty.  As strange as this might sound, that is exactly the message I brought, to those of Earth.

      “You can, love in the face of hate, when you are connected with God.  I stayed connected with God; and therefore, when I was confronted with meanness, with greed, with anger, with jealousy, I did not respond in kind, I did not react in kind.  My answer was the answer from God.  And so, when God whispered, ‘Turn the other cheek,’ those were the words I spoke, that was the action I did.  I turned the other cheek, and I told others to do the same.

      “If you find yourself in a time of turmoil and unrest, right now, do not use that as an excuse.  For I tell you, I lived in turmoil and unrest, but I also lived in The Love, and The Light, of God, and that far outweighed anything that the world could create, and throw upon Me, because The Whisper of God was within Me, reminding Me: to love one another; to forgive each other; to turn the other cheek; to give whatever was asked of Me to give; to feed the hungry, and clothe the naked, and give drink to the thirsty,  no matter who they were, no matter what they were doing to Me.  These were the whispers of God, from within.  And they were mighty, and they were pure, and they were powerful.

      “Do not let the situations, and issues, of the days, in which you live, keep you from doing that which God whispers, within.  If you are listening, for the answer, from God: it will not approve your anger; it will not approve your hatred.  God will lead you, in a quiet way.  And the quiet way will be to love one another, and to be kind to one another, and to forgive one another.  Do not curse one another with your hatred, and anger.  Bless one another with The Love of God that is yours.”