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November 16, 2019



      Remember, you are of Me.  I AM spirit.  You are spirit, first.  And, while you are upon the Earth, there is a temptation to believe that the body that moves you, your spirit, from place to place, is who you are.  Today, resist the temptation to check your reflection in mirrors, or windows, or bodies of water.  Be mindful of even looking at your hands.  Address who you are today, you are spirit, and feel yourself move over the Earth, because your spirit is there for a reason, for a purpose, and to accomplish this purpose, you have donned the body of Earth, so that you might pick-up, and move, and walk, and speak, and hear.  But, do not mistake the glove for the hand, do not mistake the shoe which covers the foot.  To know your true purpose, you must first identify with who are, you are spirit, and then you will begin to know, and once you know, you will begin to do, and once you do you will remember, and identify with, the eternal you, for you are My child.

                                                           And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you have a child, and it begins to grow, you realize that, that infant you held in your arms is now walking.  And once your arms open to receive the hugs and the kisses of the child that is walking, the process has already begun for the child to grow more and begin walking away.  And, before you turn around that child has reached maturity, and the aging body no longer represents, or looks like, the infant you held in your hand, in your arms, in your heart.  But, through all these physical changes the child is your child.  Think on that, today.