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November 16, 2020


      The rising sun is a knock on your door, calling you to rise-up, and take the floor, walk onto the stage, and assume the role, that no one else in the world can play, and that is the role of you, for today.  And all those around you, any who might see, comprise the audience, set before thee.  Your role might call for compassion, or joy.  Your role might call for understanding and forgiveness.  Your role might call for unconditional love.  Your role will be as varied as the hours in this day.  But there is no other who can play the role you are destined to play.  Prepare yourself, to walk onto the stage, and be the champion of all that comes to you, today.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       As you rise-up, and greet the new day, and dress, and eat, and go on your way, prepare yourself through prayer.  Pray that, when it is necessary to practice compassion and understanding, you will have, and show, compassion and understanding.  And, when your role calls for forgiveness, pray you will have and show forgiveness, whenever it is called for.  Pray that you might meet the challenges of this day like the champion you were meant to play.  The role is yours.  Be on your way.  Rise-up, and walk, into this new day.