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November 17, 2019



      There are those amongst you who are whole, even if they cannot walk, or talk, or see.  They are whole and complete, because they hold truth within them, and they have joy within them, and they are happy, as they live their life upon Earth.  There are those amongst you who, through some circumstance, find it difficult to walk, or speak, or see.  But, they turn their head from the truth, and will not walk, or talk, or see.  Pay attention to the truth, for the truth has been sent to you.  The Holy Spirit is within you.  Do not listen to naysayers.  When The Holy Spirit says, “Fly,” you shall fly instead of walk.

                                                         And The Holy Spirit says:

       I was sent to you so that you might know the truth, and the ways of wisdom be yours.  Therefore, I will guide you, through all things.  No matter what the world says to you, or what the conditions might bring to you, I will lead you through, but you must believe.