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November 18, 2019



      When you wish to speak, speak softly. for those who do not care what you are saying will turn away, and those who wish to hear will lean forward to draw near to receive the words spoken softly.  When you wish to make a statement, let your deeds speak for you.  There is no language barrier when silence speaks.  The living word is profound.

                                                          And The Holy Spirit says:

       In a conversation, when another speaks, and they talk, and talk for a very long time, resist the temptation to interrupt.  Hear them out, wait until they are finished, and then speak softly, for to interrupt requires that you raise your voice slightly over theirs.  And, not wishing to relinquish, but wishing to complete their story, the other will raise their voice slightly.  Soon there is noise rather than exchange, rather than conversation.  Listen, and speak softly.  And, when it is important, be silent and let your deeds speak for you.