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November 18, 2020



      My sons, My daughters, when you feel confused, it is a sign that, you are torn between two worlds.  Hear that, clearly.  Confusion is a sign.  When you pray, and ask for guidance, the guidance comes from within you, just as it is meant to do.  When you ask for direction, I whisper, I call to you, and the answer is given to you.  The confusion comes when the answers, coming from the ways of the world, are circling around you, attempting to distract you, from the ways of Heaven.  Listen, and you will hear My whisper, and you will know The Way of Peace.  Follow it.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Praying, and asking, for guidance, is a natural response, and while you might pray in different ways, the prayers come.  They come from you, asking for help.  That petition is the easiest.  Because you are asking for help, it comes naturally.  But continuing the prayer, into the listening aspect of prayer, does not come so easy, especially when you are more inclined to be comfortable, stating your position, rather than receiving the guidance.  Today listen, for the answer will come from within you, and you will recognize the answer.  And if anything attempts to disturb you, or distract you, from the answer of God, cast it from you.  Do not open the door to welcome it for discussion.  Do not let the temptations, and the ways of the world, distract you from the answer held in The Ways of God.