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November 19, 2020



      When the storm has passed, and you look out to see, a fallen tree, blocking the driveway, and you cannot pass, you arrange to have the tree moved, or removed, so that you might go, where you need to go.  And, in the event of an accident, wherein your clothing is ripped and torn, you change your clothing, or you mend the tear, or you replace the garment that you wear.  If your cupboards are beginning to look empty, you go to the store, and buy more, so that you might eat, more fully.  These things you do, and many other things are done, to counter storms, and accidents, and lack, in the physical world.  You pay attention to what you need, and you make the correction, often with great speed.  Today, do the same for your spiritual life, your eternal life.  After the storm, move all that blocks your way, keeps you from moving forward.  After accidents, mend that which is torn.  And, when you are lacking, come to Me, and we will fill all you need.  Pay attention to that eternal life that is yours.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is easy to pay attention, when there are storms, or accidents, or lack, or any other situation, which occurs in the realm of “the seen.”  You see it.  You know it.  It is clear to you, and all others.  But that powerful realm of “the unseen,” that place within you, is more vital, more important, than that which is seen.  Pay attention to “the unseen” realm, within you, so that your progress is not impeded, so that you do not feel ripped, and torn asunder,  so that you do not live in lack, when riches, all of the wealth of Heaven is yours.  Today, pay attention to “the unseen.”