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November 2, 2019



      Reject the temptation to be afraid, or feel alone, when change is upon you, when everything you know, and knew well, is crumbling around you.  Do not be afraid.  Run to Me, take My hand, and look around, and you will see signs, signs in the physical world which will bring you comfort.  The child who has a favorite outfit, and would wear it every day, if the parent would permit, soon outgrows the outfit of their choice, and must move on to put on a garment that is appropriate for how they have grown.  And while the child, who is now grown, does not forget the outfit long outgrown, they soon become comfortable in the garment of growth.  And the musician, the one who has practiced and practiced, and finally knows the piece perfectly, and hears the acknowledgement of their accomplishment, from all those around them, is reluctant, when the teacher hands them new music to learn, and they must leave that which felt so right, to learn something new.  Pay attention, look and see, progress and growth that is shown to you in many signs, in many ways, will lead you into spiritual growth.  Do not be afraid to grow.  Do not be confined, or restricted, by what you knew as a child, for I wish to lead you into the wisdom of age.  As you grow, and move through life upon the Earth, you might find it boring to play the same song over, and over, and over again, so let your spirit soar.  Sing with the angels, wear the garments of the beings of light, and do not be afraid, as you ascend.  Come.

                                                          And The Holy Spirit says:

       Almost every child of nine or ten knows, when they see a caterpillar, crawling upon the ground, that soon it will fly.  They know this.  Let this lesson of childhood come back to you again, for right now, you are crawling upon the ground, but soon, you will begin to fly.