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November 2, 2020



      Do not avoid, standing in My Light, just because you fear that something, hidden, might appear.  Just as the light of day can reveal dust, on a table forgotten, or passed over, in cleaning, My Light will illuminate that which is hidden within.  And when we see it, together, we will begin gently removing that which is best removed, and you will be clean, and all will be well.  Seek illumination, not out of fear, or intimidation, but in the search for glory, and purity, and clarity.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is easy to turn your head from something that needs dusting, or cleaning.  It is easy to walk from a room without sweeping the floor.  It is also easy to ignore those things that need cleaning, in your inner landscape, your inner environment.  But just as you feel really good, when your room is clean, and free of dust, and debris, and it is shining, in the light of the morning sun, you will feel illuminated, and transformed, when you clean that which is hidden, within.  Do not ignore that which you should explore.  Quickly, go inward, so that you might shine, in the light of a new day dawning.