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November 20, 2020


      No matter how young, or how old, you might be, in Earth years, I suggest that you live, every day, as if it is your last day, upon Earth, because one day it will be your last day, upon Earth.  But, if you set a pattern, for using all The Gifts of The Holy Spirit, to create every day of your life, making your lifetime a continuation of perfect days, days that you would hold up, and say, “Look.  Look at what God helped me do today.  Look what I created for God, today.”  And, I will smile, and you will be happy, and at peace.  Do not waste a precious day.  Live today as if you know it is your last day, upon Earth, and do it with enthusiasm, and love, joy, and excitement, for you live, upon Earth.  And, when your Earth time is done, you will continue living, forever.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Let joy ring, all around you.  Take the song of the bird, and dance.  Listen to the laughter of the stream, and smile.  Lift-up your arms, and know the glory all around you, know the glory within you.  Sing.