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November 22, 2019



      You have legs and feet so that you might go where you are meant to go.  You have arms and hands so that you might give and receive love, so that you might touch with kindness, so that you might embrace all who come to you, seeking peace.  You have ears so you might hear the joy, and the cries for help, so that you might hear words of tenderness, or bless those who speak harshly with forgiveness.  You have eyes so that you might see the light, and see the beauty, and see need where it might be, and wipe away the lack with compassion.  You have a mouth and tongue so you might speak and bring peace where there is chaos, tenderness where there is anger or hatred.  You have a body which wraps around your spirit, your eternal life.  See yourself this way.  Within you there is the gift of eternal life.  Live this way.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       See yourself as God sees you and go forth this day to bring Heaven to Earth.


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