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November 22, 2020



      “I AM with you.  Feel My Presence, with you.  It is easier, to feel My Presence, when you are still, when you are quiet, when you have paused the songs, and ceased the prayers, and you sit, quietly, waiting; for, it is then, you hear The Whisper, and the stirring, within you, grows, and you acknowledge My Presence, and you know Me, and I know you; for, we are one.                          


      “Joy, I wish for you to understand the beauty held within joy.  For, joy is not a fleeting happiness, it is a permanent explosion of gratitude and thanksgiving, within you.  When you are so grateful, for that which you have, you do not have time to let your mind wander, looking for things you wish to have, you desire this, you crave that.  No, you are content within the gratitude for what you have.  And thanksgiving is the song that comes from your lips, easily, fluidly, sincerely.  Gratitude and thanksgiving, when these are yours, then joy is yours, as well, because joy is the product of gratitude and thanksgiving.

      “I encourage you to make a list today, not just mentally, but with paper and pen, write that which you are thankful for, that which you are grateful for, so that you can see it.  Those of you who are saying, ‘My life is so mean, and troublesome, right now, that I have nothing to be thankful for, or grateful for.  I am in the midst of challenge.’  And, I say this, if you can speak, or think, or breathe, you have life.  And, no matter how difficult your life might be, at this time, it is only a small piece of your eternal life.  If you breathe now, you live forever.  Think on this.  You will make it through this period, this stretch of time, this season in your lifetime, when it might well be difficult; but, ahead of you, before you, stretches eternal life.  And, it is yours.  You did not have to do anything to receive it.  It is yours, because you are a creation of God.  And, before your creation you were not.  Therefore, God has given you the gift, and it is yours.  Nothing you do can take away this gift of eternal life from you.  It is yours, so let that be the first thing you write down.  And, even if it is the only thing on your list, it is enough.  Be grateful that you will live forever.  Be thankful that you will live forever.  And soon, as you develop gratitude and thanksgiving, within you, for even one gift, you will soon know joy.  For, how can you not be joyful, knowing you live forever?

      “Most of you will acknowledge that there were hours in My lifetime, upon Earth, that were challenging, that were surely difficult, but the promise of eternal life, the reminder that there was something to complete upon Earth, before I resumed My eternal life, My forever life, (this) brought forth the courage, and strength, in Me, to say, I shall do it.  For, I know what is waiting for Me, and it is true.

      “So today, make that list.  You might even find there are other things for which to be thankful.  Gratitude might find a place in your heart, and grow stronger, and stronger, if only you will start to make your list, and go deep with your thought.  Be thankful for the sunsets, and the sunrise, and the moon in the sky, and the stars.  Be thankful for rain.  Be thankful for a drink of water.  Take it to its simplest, truest, form.  Be thankful that you were born.  And do not forget, in this list, that you are of God, first, and foremost, that you are citizen of The Kingdom of Heaven, you most naturally reside in The Dimension of Perfection, and all eternity is yours.”


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