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November 24, 2019



      “I AM with you.  Let us walk through this day together, for as you still yourself, as quiet grows within you, you will feel My presence with you, and every aspect of you will realize who you are, and you will stand tall, and embrace the new day, eager to see: what you can create; what you will make your reality; all that you will embrace; and, all that you will reject, outright.  So, let us not tarry at the doorway of today, let us cross the threshold, and be on our way.    


      “Earth is a Garden of Heaven.  As time moved, and creation continued Earth was altered, changed.  The ways of man created cities and towns, buildings and bridges, and began to master the intellect of the human body, in such a way, that appeared to many (that) it was not necessary to connect with God every day.  What was necessary was to work hard, do your best, so that you might amass comfort, and coin, and call yourself wealthy.  And, with each passing step, into the world of man, the ego grew, and it became healthy; but, ego isolates you, and you begin to feel you are alone, and the only thing that will help you is what you do on your own, for your own. 

      “Today, I would like for you to remember, especially those of you who are being cast-aside, or rejected in any way, or perhaps there is gossip about you on the lips of others, or in the thoughts of other, I too was rejected.  It was said that I was doing the work of the devil.  It was said that I drank wine, and sat with moneychangers, and prostitutes.  It was said that I broke the law.  It was said that I was a false prophet.  I can assure you I could go on and on.  These charges, this gossip, this rejection, all had a source, and the source was ego, and judgment, and ultimately condemnation, conviction, crucifixion.  But I could not stop that which I was sent to do to take each aside and try to convince them of something they would not believe.  What is important, in your lifetime, is that you hold the reigns of your reality in your hands, and you direct your course to accomplish what you were sent to do, and that does not include guiding the course of what others are supposed to do, trying to make others conform to what you are to do. 

      “The only way you will know what you are to do, every day of your lifetime upon Earth, is to make that connection with God, and make it strong.  But even with the strongest connection to Homebase, if you are in an environment filled with chaos, and confusion, and the ways of the world, it will be difficult to hear what God wants you to do.  Begin to practice setting yourself aside.  Do not stand in the chaos and confusion.  Walk into the forest amongst the trees.  Walk where there is grass, and you can hear the song of the bird, the rustle of the leaves in the trees as the breeze catches them.  Take yourself to a quiet place where you can hear, and then you will know how God is leading you all along The Way.  But once you hear, what do you do, what do you say, when the message comes to you that is not quite the message you had hoped to receive?  You still, in faith, rise-up and do, because The Will of God is actually your will too.

      “The enlightened ones know and embrace the spiritual DNA of God.  You are a child of God.  You will live forever; and, while you might not grasp this totally, while you are in human form, I can assure you it is true.  Your life does not end when your body is through.  You rise-up and continue with what you will do eternally, forever with God.

      “I came as an example to show what to do.  I also was an example of what the world can do to you, but you must not fear what the world will do to you when there is something greater ahead of you.  I did many things, worked many miracles, and made a startling announcement to any who would hear.  I made it clear.  You can do all that I AM doing, and even greater things.  Do you believe that?  Do you embrace that?  If you embrace that you are a child of God, on Earth but for a while, it will not take you too long to see the reason and the truth in that: I too was sent from God; I too wore the human form, the human body; and, I too was on Earth, but for a while. 

      “The minute you accept that you are a child of God, and God is within you, and Heaven is within you, then the truth does dawn on you in a mighty way.  There is great responsibility in what you say.  If there is a piece of God within you, you can find the peace of God within you.  And once you find the peace of God within you, the clouds of chaos fall away, and you see the light dawning on the new day.  Do not waste a minute of your lifetime upon Earth in anger, and frustration, and doubt, and confusion.  Today, accept who you are, be quiet, and ask for guidance, and follow, as I did follow.  Rise-up, and I will walk with you all through this day.  Rise-up, and be still, and God will show you The Way.  Let us not tarry in the doorway of this day.  Let us step over the threshold and embrace this piece of eternity that is ours today.”