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November 24, 2020



      Reality is the present piece of eternity, in which you reside, right now, at the very moment.  You constantly live in the present.  However, your memories, of the past, and your concerns, of the future, color, and impact, your present piece of eternity.  Try, for just one hour, to live your present piece of eternity, without worries of the future, or memories of the past.  Just live.  Just be.  Let it be the present.  And let it be complete, within you, without the debris, and the clutter, of the past, without the concern, and anxiety, you might hold within you, about the future, because you are losing the precious, present, piece of eternity, that is with you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you can string the hours of one day together, in such a way, that every piece of eternity is lived, fully, completely, your day will be extraordinary, in every way.  If that present, that is with you, includes breathing deeply, looking at a sunrise, watching a sunset, feeling the rain, and hearing the birds, and touching those you love, in a special way, there need be nothing else.  Do not belabor the present with worries of the future.  Create the perfect future in the present that is with you.