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November 25, 2019



      You have been told I AM Spirit, I AM Love.  Hold fast to these words.  When you draw near to Me, when you seek sweet, tender communion with Me, do not seek Me intellectually, unless your intellect is guided by your spirit, and your soul, and your heart.  For, while you might start at the right place, with the intention of finding Me, the intellect might lead thee in the wrong direction, for the intellect is of ego.  You will come immediately to Me only when you go within, let yourself pass through the corridors within your sacred self, and there, waiting for you, at the core of your being, you will find Me.  You will hear the still, small voice calling, and you will answer, and find Me.  But, when you seek Me, seek Me through your spirit.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Even though it might be difficult to still yourself, your body, your thoughts long enough to slip into the real you, the spirit you, it will be worth every effort, because when you recognize, and embrace the spirit that is you, the eternal you, then you will recognize The Spirit of God within you.  While the intellect might let you down, the spirit that is you, when seeking, will find The Spirit that is God.  God is Spirit, God is Love.