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November 25, 2020



      Consider the river.  It draws its life from the source, and then, it follows its path, until it is welcomed into the open arms of the sea, where it is lifted-up, up into the sky.  The river might appear as one.  But when you catch the river, in the light of the sun, you see droplets, dancing in the air, touched by the light, sparkling with delight and joy, and then they return to the moving river.  It is one.  And when there is a storm up-river, the river is touched by that storm, with an impact, which clouds the river.  But, when all is well, and settled, within the one river, there are days when you can see the rocks, in the riverbed.  It is clear and pristine.  Consider the river today.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The peoples of Earth are very much like a river.  They draw their life from The Source, and then follow a path.  And when there is turmoil, or upset, in one part of the river, other parts of the river are affected.  The river is cloudy, and murky, and muddy.  But, when all is clear, and there is no turmoil, and peace reigns, within the river, it is clear, and you can see, through the water, to the bed, and watch the rocks below.  The people of Earth are much like the river.