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November 26, 2019




      During times of strife, war, hurricanes, typhoons, in times of great personal trying, conflict it is still possible to be at peace within your being, because in these times of trial you can do that which you can do to assist yourself and others to be calm.  So that you might be able to do this when these things befall you, practice every day.  Make it your path, that you will do your best to be kind, and loving, and considerate in all ways.  Do your best to maintain the energy and the environment which is calming and holds peace.  It is always possible to rid yourself of chaos and confusion when you stand still, look around you, and then go within, with the only question coming from you being, “What can I do to make this a better place?”

And The Holy Spirit says

       If you will practice going within, being calm, and quiet, and still in your everyday life, then when you encounter chaos and confusion, whether on a grand scale, or a small scale, you will be able to maintain a peaceful presence, and bring this peace to others in all situations, through all you encounter.  Practice being a peaceful presence.