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November 27, 2019



      When you seek guidance from Me I will give guidance to thee, and direction will come from within, soft as a whisper, to tell you where to begin, and signs will move all about you, showing you, speaking the words of the signs, and in this way, you will know The Way.  Some of you I will send from the cities into the countryside.  Some of you I will send from the countryside into the cities.  Some of you I will send across the seas into foreign lands.  Still, others I will send you within the heartland of your own country.  Some of you I will touch, and you will dance with delight.  Some of you will hear My whisper and sing songs through day and into the night.  When you hear Me, when you know, however I have guided you, rise-up, and go.  But, if you are coming from the city, and going to the countryside, do not distract, or tempt, those coming from the countryside into the city to turn-around, and walk with you.  Focus on what I AM asking you to do, for there is a place, and there is a mission, for each of you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Celebrate that you are uniquely a piece of The One God, The Creator of All Things.  The Spirit of God within you, the spiritual DNA of God within you, will be your connecter to Home Base, so you will always know what it is you are to do.  Each message, each direction, each guidance comes from The One God; but, the guidance can be different for each of you.  Listen carefully.  Be still and quiet, and when you are told, and when you are guided, rise-up and meet your destiny in The Light of God.