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November 27, 2020



      Do not allow anger to take over your heart, for soon, you will find, it rules all you do.  It controls your thoughts, your words, and your deeds, and you are no longer free.  You are a prisoner, enslaved by anger.  And the same goes for hatred, fear, worry, of any kind.  When you permit these energies to enter your heart, soon they take control.  They take control of your thoughts, your words, and your deeds, and you find you are a prisoner, enslaved by such as these.  You have been given The Gifts of The Holy Spirit to use, as a mighty sword of light, against anger and fear, against hatred, and worry, and concern.  But to free yourself, from the prisons, to free yourself, from these energies, you must practice.  You must not give-in to anger.  Love.  You must not give-in to hatred, of any kind.  Be compassionate and understanding.  Do not relent to the ways of worry, and concern, and anxiety, but practice faith, and trust.  You hold all the answers, but it is you who must stand-up, and say, “No more.  I will be enslaved no more.”

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Life is meant to be joyful, and you are meant to live your joyful life free: free from anger and hatred; free from worry and concern; free from greed, frustration, even free from a slightly grumpy attitude.  You are meant to be free, and live life, joyfully, but you must choose.  Which energy will you use?  The answer is within each of you.