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November 28, 2019



      Thanksgiving, gratitude, each one is a key to happiness and abundance, for the one who can find gratitude, for everything that comes their way, is richer, far richer, than the one sitting in a mansion, atop a hill, caught in dismay, lamenting that which they do not have, do not own, do not possess.  And this song of lamentation creates an environment of lack even in a castle, on a hill.  Yet, the one, sitting below the hill, in a meager dwelling, is abundantly rich, happy, and joyful, because of the practice of thanksgiving, because of the practice of gratitude.  Practice being thankful, and you will sing a song of thanksgiving, and gratitude will be your key to abundance, joy, happiness, and peace.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is possible to feel a sense of lack in the midst of great wealth, and riches.  It is possible to feel blessed, to be grateful, and to be thankful for all that you have, even when that which you have, in a material sense, might be little.  For, when you are in that state: you are thankful for a smile; you are thankful for the days when you can rise-up, and see the sun shine, or the rain fall; you are thankful for each friend who might come-by, or call; you are thankful for the love that you receive from those around you; you are thankful for your eternal life.  Eternal life, this gift of eternal life is the gift for which you should be most grateful, and most thankful.