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November 29, 2019



      Do not wait for the opportunity to show kindness, and compassion, and understanding.  Today, set your intention to be kind, to be compassionate, to be understanding.  Start your day in this way, because there are those around you who would embrace a kind word, who are longing to see compassion from another, who are waiting for the gift of understanding.  And, those who are waiting for this gift from God through you are family members, and friends, and maybe even yourself.  Yes, today be kind, and compassionate, and understanding with yourself. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Be for yourself what you desire to be for others.  Take a bit of time this morning to be kind to yourself.  Do not criticize or condemn yourself.  Be compassionate with yourself.  Understand that this is a great journey, this lifetime you are experiencing, and fill-up all of the holes, and the cracks, and the crevices with kindness.  Let these gifts of God flow through you, all around within you, healing you, preparing you for that which you are to do.