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November 29, 2020



      When you are waiting for something, the very act, of waiting, implies that you have previous knowledge, of that which is to come.  You do not go to a designated place, a bus stop, to wait for a bus, to take you to a specific destination, unless you have been told that, that specific bus stop, is the place to wait, to wait, for the vehicle to take you to your location.  And the same applies to airports and docks.  You do not arrive, at the place, unless you have been told, that is where to go to wait, so that the vessel, of your transportation, will take you to your destination.  You are about to enter a time of waiting, a time in honor of all those who waited, having the knowledge that a Messiah would come, but not knowing when this would be done.  So, they waited, and prepared themselves: a time of waiting; a time of preparation; a time of gathering information; a time of stillness; a time of quiet.

And The Holy Spirit says:


      All through your life, you find you are in a position of waiting.  You could be waiting for your opportunity to show your skills.  You could be waiting for some important event to begin, such as a movie, or a play, or a sporting event.  You could be waiting, in a doctor’s office, for your time, for your appointment.  There is so much waiting.  But, you do not call waiting, those periods, where you are just walking about, or moving about, with no purpose intended.  Things are happening, all around you, but you are not waiting for them.  Waiting implies prior information or knowledge, a knowing, that something will happen, at the end of your waiting.

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