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November 29, 2020


      “I AM with you.  I AM with you.  Even if you do not hear My whisper, it is possible for you to feel My presence.  And even if you do not feel My presence, it is possible for you to reach-out, and know I AM there.  We touch in so many ways, and so many of the ways we touch are uniquely designed for us, for you and Me, to communicate, to have the opportunity to illuminate all you see, and to infuse it, with a spiritual energy, which fuels your life, upon the Earth, which brings Divine Delight to an hour, in what you might call, an ordinary day.  This is not a special gift, reserved for just a few.  If you will open your heart, and accept, we will be together, and you will know Me, as I know you, and you will remember.                            


      “Waiting – as you know, waiting implies that: you have prior information; you have prior knowledge; you hold a promise, within you; and, you are waiting for the fulfillment of the promise.  There are degrees of waiting.  You might have to wait, in a line of people, to reach a ticket booth.  But even waiting, on that line of people, implies that you have previous information, or you would not randomly just stand on a line.  You know where that waiting on the line will take you.  If you wait patiently, you will reach your destination.

      “Waiting also implies some type of preparation, some action, based on information, and knowledge, you have received.  If someone has told you that you have the ability to be an outstanding athlete, chances are you will act, on this information given to you, and begin to perfect your body, to strengthen you body, to stretch your body, to move your body.  And once you have taken action, on prior information, you begin preparing yourself.  You begin waiting, for your opportunity.  And the same thing applies to almost anything, that you must practice, to achieve.  You must practice, a musical instrument, to achieve success.  And then, once you have achieved success, through practice, you have your opportunity to walk onto the stage.  Actors, walk(ing) onto the stage to, assume a role, but they do not get to the stage without the period of waiting.  And this, period of waiting, incorporates: prior information, or knowledge; action on that prior information, or knowledge; preparation; vigilance; patience.  All of these things are incorporated in the act of waiting, waiting for the promise to be fulfilled.

      “Today, take a journey back, and find that seed of encouragement, support, delight, and eager anticipation.  Remember how eager you were: to practice; to build muscle; to gain strength; to recite a poem; to play a musical piece; to show a skill.  Remember these things, and then, remember, it is all part of waiting. 

      “Perhaps, at this point in your life you have achieved the position of fulfilling the promise, the practice, the waiting, and now: you are onstage; or you are in the athletic arena, whatever it might be; or, you are standing at a podium; or, you are assisting another, using your skills, to help them achieve success.  Whatever you are doing, and doing successfully, it is the product, and the result, of a promise, a practice, patience, waiting, and the promise fulfilled within you.  If you are waiting, for something, continue, with patience, because the promise will be fulfilled, and you will reach your destination, because of prior information, and your willingness to act on that information, through preparation.  You are not led to these exercises, and through this practice, unless there will be fulfillment of a promise.  Waiting is a precious time.”


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