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November 3, 2019



      As you began your journey towards Earth, you were given eternal life to take with you.  You carry within you the spiritual DNA of Heaven.  I AM Spirit, you come from Me, you are spirit.  But, as your days on Earth grow in number, there is a tendency to cover-up that spirit within you, that flicker of eternal life within you, with all the distractions of the world created by man, with the events of your day, with the events of your life, with certain thing that happen in history, with disappointments, with celebrations.  Things get piled around and upon that piece of eternal life.  Soon, it is possible to feel lost, to feel unworthy, and many around you conclude the same.  But, be still, and you will hear Me call your name, and My Light will shine, and it will shine through all the debris, and that spark of eternal life, that is in you from Me, flickers, and flames, and follows The Light.  Remember always, you carry eternal life within you.  Do not be dismayed.

                                                       And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is amazing what the light of the sun can bring forth from the soil of the Earth, life, abundant life.  The soil of the Earth responds to the light of the sun.  Today, respond to The Light of The Son of God.