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November 30, 2019



      It is not necessary for you to stand on the sidewalk, watching the parade go by.  Rise-up, and walk into the procession of creation, and flow with it, so you are a part of that great parade, the procession of eternity.  Creation continues, it flows, and it goes onward, into the future, carrying all those who will rise-up and join, in its arms, each one a piece of the procession, each one using their own effort to take each step, to stay in the present moment; and, all the present moments are a piece of the procession of eternal life.  Do not be a bystander when you can be marching in the parade.  Choose, rise-up, join.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you realize that, that parade you are watching could include you, if you would rise-up and choose to be a member, then you would join.  Then, as you marched along, you would see, every step kept you in the present piece of eternity.  And, that present piece of eternity, step-by-step, piece-by-piece, kept you moving in the flow, kept your present piece of eternity flowing into the future piece of eternity, without effort, without a desire to turn around and go backwards to see where you have been, but a feeling a stirring of excitement, with each step, going into the future, moving into forever.