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November 30, 2020



      Rise-up, and live.  I told the sun to shine and bring light, and the sun did rise, and bring light to day.  I told the moon to glow, in the velvety, blue sky, and the moon did rise, and glow in the night.  I whispered to Earth to give birth and sustain life, and Mother Earth responded with birth, and the song of the seasons.  Her song flowed, and come the song of spring, new life was evident on branches once bare, and flowers were there where once the straw had been, and the sun encouraged new life, with light.  There should be water so life might be cleansed and refreshed, I thought.  And rain did fall, creating each river’s path, until it returned to the clouds, to be released once again.  So that the pattern of perfection would extend to the seas, the moon brought the oceans to ebb and to flow, to rise-up, and recede.  You are created to live within this perfection, to breathe in and out, like the tides, like the seasons.  Look around and see perfection unfolding, in all My creation, and do good, as you are a part of it.  Do not attempt to bend perfection to your will, rather choose to bend your will to flow within the perfection of creation.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Rise-up, and live.