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November 4, 2019



      Ego is the only thing which seeks retaliation, which demands a pound of flesh, which requires that there be a grudge, or hard feelings, in any way, because the weight of these things gives evidence to ego, maintains its presence within you; and, the weight of the ego can be heavy, and tiresome.  Always choose love.  Love one another.  Love yourself enough to protect yourself from the weight of the food of the ego.  When someone is angry do not retaliate, be still, and love yourself enough to resist.  And, in loving yourself enough to resist you are loving the other, or others.  Love one another and be kind to all creation.

                                                            And The Holy Spirit says:

       To keep yourself light, and free, and joyful resist the temptation to feed the ego.  There is no need for revenge, love.  There is no need for retaliation, love.  There is no need to carry a grudge, or many grudges, love.  At the end of the day any feeling you might have, any promptings you might have, to face anger with anger, will end-up on the side of ego.  God would not choose retaliation, or revenge, or grudge-holding, or anger.  Therefore, when these things are with you know it is not God speaking to you.  Free yourself and love.