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November 6, 2019



      Do not use your precious minutes of the present day to lament what happened yesterday.  Do not use your precious minutes of the present day to fear what might come upon you another day.  Use today to gather the lessons from the past and celebrate all that you have learned along your journey, and store those lessons in a book, for that book, that holds the lessons, will become The Book of Wisdom for you.  Prepare today for tomorrow by doing all that is yours to do today.  And, if you will proceed, in this way, you will lay down the path before you as you go.  In this way the path will move and be flexible, allowing you to enjoy that which comes to you, using The Book of Wisdom.  Do not waste the minutes of today.

                                                      And The Holy Spirit says:

       Everything has its own time.  Do not grasp or grab-for that which is not ready to be yours, or perhaps not meant to be yours.  Be at peace as you make your way through this day and prepare by doing what is meant to be done today.  And then, take today and lay it down, as a steppingstone to tomorrow.