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November 7, 2020



      Walk the simple path.  Do not make it harder than it needs to be.  Set aside all worries, which burden thee, and take My hand, for I will show you the beauty of Earth, as we walk together, today.  So many times, as you walk through the day: your head is down; and, you have a destination in mind; and, you never look from side to side, or lift your head, or study the ground.  You are too busy to see eternity, all around you.  Stop what you are doing, and listen to Me, for I have said it, and said it simply.  All you have to do is to be, kind, and loving, to all My creation.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is often the case, that you distract yourself, from the simplicity of God’s love, with rules, and regulations, and demands, and commands, which fill your head, and sometimes, sprinkle doubt, here and there.  When it seems, you find out, you cannot do certain things, no matter how hard you try, you slip, and fall, you weep, and cry.  Until you can live each day, being kind, and loving all creation, all through the day, then let your focus be there, until it fits you like your skin, so that you do not have to think, or remind yourself, to be kind; you have done it so often: you are kind, you embody kindness; you are love, you embody love.  This is the first step you take.  Do not fall victim, to the tempting of others, saying, “Look at this.  Look at this.”  “You do not know this.  Study this.”  No, that is not The Way.  First you must learn to be, kind, and loving.  That is The Way.