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November 8, 2019




      Sometimes, you mark the occasion of a special day in sacred silence, quiet, respectful, peaceful; and, other times you mark a celebration for a special day in a celebratory way: singing, and dancing, and laughing, sharing the time with others.  There are many different ways to celebrate special days.  But today, as it begins for you, I offer you the seed of a gift.  The gift will unfold as you open to all the possibilities it holds within it.  Live today as if it were your last day upon the Earth.  When you begin to move through the day, marking it as special, thinking and believing it is your last day, you will be surprised: at the kindness that wells-up from within you; at the love welling-up from within you; at how many times you stop and look at the sky, listen to the bird, or put your arms around a tree, or stick your toes into a stream.  Create a special day today.

                                                        And The Holy Spirit says:

       You will live more completely if you live this day as if it were your last day upon the Earth, because you will not take anything, or anyone, for granted, because you will know it could be the last time you smelled a rose, or touched a stone, or watched a sunrise or a sunset.  Accept the seed of the gift given to you by God, and let it unfold, and show you The Way, as you open to the possibility of living like this is your last day.