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November 8, 2020



      I wish for you to, rise-up, and come.  Come from behind the walls.  Come from behind the rocks, and debris.  Come from your hiding places.  Come to Me; for, where, you are now, is dark.  But as soon as you rise-up, and take your first step, a ray of light, touches your head, and I reach-out My Hand, and say, “Come to Me.”  And, as you draw nearer, you are completely in My Light.  And, as we touch each other, I whisper, “My son, My daughter, The Light has been here all the time.  I did not cast you from The Light.  The whispers of darkness and shadow held you, far too long.  Come, I will cleanse you, in My Light.”

And The Holy Spirit says:

       God does not keep you locked away.  God does not deny you the brilliance of The Light.  You are the only one, who can keep yourself away.  There is freedom in The Light.  What you will find in The Light is an illumination of who you are.  Let nothing keep you from The Light.  Rise-up.  Rise-up, tall, and take The Hand offered, and walk into The Light of God.