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November 8, 2020



      “I AM with you.  Smile, because you are truly a blessed, child of God.  Even if you have reached the Earth age of, sixty, or seventy, or eighty, years, you are still a child of God, much like your Earth parent considers you their child, even when you have reached the Earth age of, thirty, or forty, or fifty.  When you run home, to see them, and look into their eyes, you can tell, and it is no surprise, they are looking at you, as their child.  No matter how tall you grew, no matter how many years you wear, no matter how much grey or silver might grace your hair, you are their child, and they love you.  This is an Earth example.  Can you imagine?  No, you cannot, you cannot imagine the love that God feels for you.  But you will know it, fully, one day, soon.  In faith believe it.                   


      “Today, I want to remind you about a parable, that I spoke.  It is in The Scripture.  It is there for you to see and read.  But I can tell you, I told this story, this parable, many times over, because those listening were in need of hearing it, because those who would gather around Me were often the ones dejected, and rejected, were sick, and shunned, were filled with guilt and shame, every one, many times, for something they had done, not knowing that they were carrying, all of the weight, of these secrets within, and it was not necessary, at all, because they were already forgiven.

      “I remind you of The Parable of The Prodigal Son.  Many of you remember, instantly, when you hear the name of the parable, and you think, ‘I remember reading that.’  Some of you will say, ‘I remember feeling sorry for the other brother, who had everything, but seemed to feel like he was denied, in the light of all that the brother had done.’  There are many tangents of this story of The Prodigal Son.  Today, I want you to pick-up the thread of the one about the journey, away from The Father, taken by The Prodigal Son.

      “You might recall, in the story, that this boy, this young man, wants to go out into the world, and do all the things that he has heard about.  And he says to his father, ‘Give me my inheritance, right now.  I am going.’  And his inheritance is given, much to the surprise of the other brother.  And the father, sends him on his way, not with anger, not even frustration, but a blessing, and a kiss.  Most of you know what happened.  There is no need for Me to remind you that this young man fell into every den of iniquity there was.  There was not anything he left undone.  And he threw his inheritance away, because of his desire to taste of Earth, and the ways of man.  But soon, the inheritance was squandered.  People took advantage, and he took advantage.  He began to know the ways of the world, and fell so low, that he was rejected.  And he looked around, and all the people, that were there, when he held the gold in his hand, were gone.  He could not afford to pay for the things he had enjoyed, just days before.  And he began to see what he had done, and he began to feel the misery of being alone.  The only place he could find work, was on a farm, and even on the farm he was rejected.  He was told to take care of the pigs, and soon found, that, that is where he would live.  So, he lived, and he ate, with the pigs, and there his life would have come to an end, rolling in the mud, under the feet of these large creatures of Earth. 

      “But something was whispered, within him, to rise-up, and seek the forgiveness of his father, for he looked around and said, ‘No matter what he does to me, it cannot be any worse than this.  Even if he punishes me severely, it cannot be worse than this hell I have put myself in.’  And so, he rose-up, and he took the journey home.

      “The father did not close the door, and lock it, when he saw the son coming, tattered, and worn, and dirty.  He threw open the doors, and called all the workers from the field, and began to make a huge feast.  Of course, the other brother was chagrined, to say the least, because he had been there all the time, working side-by-side, with the father, but there was no feast for him.  Yet, up the hill came the bedraggled one, the dirty one, the one who felt he had sunk so low, he must live with pigs.  Here he was, coming up the hill, in the light of the morning sun.  And the father did not say one thing.   There was no retaliation.  There was no punishment.  There was the ring of the father he placed on the son.  You see, you keep yourself hidden, when you feel you have fallen so low, when all you need do is to stand-up, and go, into The Light.  It is the voices, the trickery, of the shadow, and darkness, that keep you in place.  It is the tear, from your eyes, that begins to wash your face.  It is the hand, of the father, that slips on the ring.  It is the voice, of angels, that sing.

      “Do not stay, where you are, when it is low, and there are shadows, and you feel there is nowhere to go, no place to go, because that is inner trickery, that is an illusion.  There is always The Light, and all you have to do is to rise-up, and walk, into The Light.  Do not carry darkness and shadow, within, when it is already forgiven.  Walk into The Light.  Take The Hand of God.  Wear The Ring of Heaven.  Let your life experience begin fully, and completely, today.  Rise-up, and cast from you, all darkness and shadow, without delay, for no one is keeping you down, and no one is keeping you in place, except your worry, your guilt, your shame.

      “I reach-out My Hand, and say come.  If you are hesitant, let us do this together.  Walk, with Me, into this new day.  And as we walk, we will talk.  And when we finish talking, we will dance, and sing, and you will look down, and see, on your hand, The Ring of God.”