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November 9, 2019



      The moon and the sun bring day and bring night, bring dark, bring light, in a pattern, in a flow, they come, and they go, day and night.  How do you see the day and the night?  If you see both through the eyes of opportunity, through the seeking heart, then you will know.  It is time to start opening to boundless opportunities of day and night.  There is rest in the night, and there is work and play in the day.  You have invented clocks.  You have come-up with ways to record the passing minutes, and the hours, and the days; but, there is a clock from creation that marks every minute, every hour.  Civilizations without clocks, without new technology, have always known the day, the time, and The Way.  Today, free yourself from the chain of the ticking clock, and observe the passing of the day, and the entering into the night, in a sacred way.  What do you see?  How do you feel?  What do you know?

                                                          And The Holy Spirit says:

       Allowing yourself the opportunity to step out of the box, to open to new possibilities, brings insight, and insight comes to those who are willing to seek within.  My message to you today is, the answer to every question you have will be found by you, when you go within.