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November 9, 2020



      It is never a good move to respond to anger or frustration in an attempt to: “state your case;” prove a point; or, correct, what you believe to be, inappropriate behavior, in the other person.  It is not a good move because, with reactionary behavior: the case is never well-stated; the point is never well-proven; and the correction itself appears to be inappropriate.  When the words, or actions, of others, or certain situations, upset, annoy, or anger, you, do not respond.  Your case will never be well-stated in bedlam and pandemonium.  Your point is never proven in chaos and confusion.  Appropriate behavior evades description in turmoil and uncertainty.  Be quiet, be still, and wait for peace, when all is calm  Then, you might find that, when stated in a tranquil setting, others might acknowledge: your case well-stated; your point well-taken; and correction and adjustment in behavior a sound idea.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Let the fire burn-out before you put your fingers in it.  Let the storm subside before you walk into it.  Let the flood water recede before you put your mop in it.