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October 1, 2019

      Do not turn your head from one in need.  Look upon the one, standing before you, and say, “I bless you in the name of The Father, and The Son, and The Holy Spirit of God, I bless you.”  This you say quietly to yourself.  With a spoken word, to the one in need, you say, “Hello.  How is your day?  I bring you a message.  God will bless you this day.”  And, My child, you can say that with confidence and authority, because you have delivered My blessing, and you have given them the gift of acknowledging their presence with My Love.  You have been the bringer of My Love.

                                                            And The Holy Spirit says:

      Do not turn your face from those in need, from those walking passed you.  Look upon them.  Look them in the eyes, and smile, for that smile might be the only one they see that day, for most will turn their eyes, and walk away, so that they do not see the need; for, they feel, if they do not see and acknowledge the need, they are not required to provide.  But, I tell you, The Son of God is in every face you see.  When you turn from them, you turn from Me.