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October 1, 2020



      The mountains did not begin as towering spires, reaching high, up into the sky.  They rose-up from the oceans’ floors.  They were lifted-up from below.  The natural monuments of Earth did not begin as intriguing memorials, noble in the light.  They were sculpted by the wind, and particles of sand.  Places, such as The Grand Canyon, did not begin as the marvel you see stretched before you.  They were formed by the hands of water, and the passing of time.  Look beyond what you see, into that which came before, and the miracle will come alive, within you.  I sent you forth, into all this, to continue creation, which began before time.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You did not begin as you are now.  Your beginning took place thousands of years ago, and more.  You are the product of all those who came before you, standing, crawling, walking, talking, feeling, knowing the experience of their lifetime upon Earth.  Such is the fertile soil from which you sprang.  You did not just happen.  You are not a coincidence.  You have been lifted-up.  You have been sculpted by The Wind.  You have been formed by Holy Waters, and the passing of time has brought you to where you are, to who you are.  And it shall not end with you.  Creation shall continue with you.