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October 11, 2020



      In the unseen world, in the vastness, which evades your vision, often, there is equal portion, for all of My children.  Each of you, upon the Earth, has the ability to be kind.  And your kindness, is not limited by anything.  All you have to do is to exhibit the desire to be kind, and kindness is yours, and it blesses all around you.  And the same holds true for compassion, and understanding, for charity, for love.  This does not hold true in the material world, in the world created by man, for there are somethings available to some.  But in the unseen world, in the world where The Gifts of The Holy Spirit are the true wealth, nothing is denied you.  You may have all the forgiveness you desire.  The only thing required is your desire to have, and to hold, forgiveness.  Then, it is yours, in copious amounts, and it blesses all around you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not seek your treasure in the material world, for: the seeking of it is, wearisome, and tiresome; and the holding of it, will let you down, and disappoint you.  For, no matter how much money, how much jewelry, how many houses, or cars, you gather, and possess, you, always, will want more, because there is something missing, and you do not know what it is.  So, you keep wanting, more, and more.  The fulfillment is held in the unseen, in The Gifts of Heaven, where you can have all you need.  And when you are filled, with the gifts of love, and compassion, and forgiveness, understanding, generosity, then those things, in the material world, which you gather around you, hold a different place, and can actually be blessed, and graced, by The Spirit of God within you.  Seek The Wealth of Heaven, that is within you, because it is there, and you may have all you need.


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