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October 11, 2020



      “I AM with you.   I reach-out, and in the reaching, part the veil, and touch your heart.  I AM with you, and I whisper, to remind you, you have access to all that I have, to all I have been, and all I shall ever be.  You have access to all of this, and Me, throughout eternity, for we are One.  As you seek the answer to this mystery, you will draw nearer, and nearer, to the answer.  We are One.  You have heard it said, many times.  You have read it, over, and over.  But you have yet to absorb it, into your being, so that it is a piece, and part, of your fiber.  We are One.  Believe it, as it is so.       


      “This oneness, of which I speak, makes itself evident in the realm of the unseen, in the spiritual life.  Oneness is much harder to see, in the material world.  In the material world, you look all around you, and you hear people pronouncing that: they need a new dress; they would like a new car; they are seeking food, because they are hungry.  But: one person might have a new dress, and it would be simple; while another might have a new dress, that is rather grand.  One might drive a car that is basic.  Another might drive a car that has the most surprising features on it.  You go through your day, and you see, that what each person has is not the same as the other; and it does not take long to realize, that what one person has, another person might not have the ability to have.  It might be denied them.  There are categories.  There is division.  What is one person’s meal might be another person’s feast.  It does not seem equal, at all.  And, in this inequality of availability, it is difficult to see oneness.  It seems scattered, limited.

       “If you sit with that, for a while, and you begin to wonder about wealth, treasures, that makes oneness even more of a challenge to realize, in the material world.  But, if you will step, into the spiritual realm, you will see that it does not matter who you are, or where you live, or what you are doing.  Your circumstances matter not one bit, when it comes to the availability of The Treasures of Heaven.  They are all yours, yours for the asking.  Forgiveness, it is there.  Unending amounts of forgiveness, equal access.  Those who desire forgiveness, to know forgiveness, can have as much as they want.  And, when they are filled, forgiveness then belongs to the seeker.  If you ask, for forgiveness, and you hold this forgiveness, within you, it is yours.  Then, you have forgiveness, that you too can give away.  And, if you are connected spiritually, with God, you can throw open the doors, and let that forgiveness flow into, and through, you, out to others, with no limit.  You can be the access door for another to receive this unending flow of forgiveness; and you can take this through each of The Gifts of The Holy Spirit.  They are not being used.  There are rivers of compassion.  They are not being used.  If you go to these rivers, that are there for you, and step into them, and let this forgiveness, and compassion, and generosity, flow all over, and through, you, then it is yours.  The Wealth of Heaven is yours.  Do not spend your days, struggling, and fighting, to amass a treasure that is crumbling in your hands. 

      “Seek The Eternal Wealth of Heaven.  It is The True Treasure.  It is The True Oneness.  Everyone can have equal portions.  Turn your head from that of little value, and immerse yourself, in The Treasures of Heaven.”


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