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October 12, 2019

      If you have been tapped, if you have been stirred from within, to awaken to My Whisper, to a calling, to the melody of eternity, celebrate.  For, if you respond to the stirring within you and rise-up, your life upon Earth will never be the same again.  Those issues, those matters, which brought anxiety to your doorstep, will dissolve in the light of your resolve to follow.  For, as you awaken, you become aware of The Holy Spirit within you.  The Holy Spirit was sent to you to bring you the wisdom of your heavenly Home.  No matter where you are this wisdom can be yours, when you awaken, and rise-up to answer The Whisper.  In this way, you will know what to do, where to go, and what to say.  Your thoughts will no longer wander in worry, but rest securely and comfortably in the knowing that the answer you are seeking is within you.  As you live this way upon the Earth you are My Light, My Glory shines from within you, and others begin to know Me through you.

                                                              And The Holy Spirit says:

      No one knows the time of awakening for another, because this calling is from within.  If someone is sleeping soundly, and you sit in the same room and read a book of great importance, while the words are beautiful and hold meaning and knowledge they float around the room, but are useless to the person who is sleeping soundly.  Those of you who are ready to understand what was just said will know exactly what these words mean.  If you are called to awaken, awaken, and let The Glory of God be known through what you do.  Your thoughts, your words, and your deeds can be blessed in The Light of God.  And, even those who are not yet awakened can see what you do, watch how you speak to other people, and hear the words which come as your speak.  In this way, you might be the beginning of their awakening, as they harken to the vibration of the words you speak.  Many who turn away and resist will come to know God through that which you do, during the days which are allotted to you to walk upon the Earth.