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October 13, 2020



      Let this sacred, new day begin in a whisper, and a quiet stirring, between the two of us.  Be still, and sit with Me, and I will share with thee, truth, in all things, so that you will keep the day sacred, in every way.  I will teach you the truth, so that you will not call that which is evil good, nor that which is good evil.  In truth, you will know the value of life, and respect it in all things.  The Wisdom of Heaven will be your companion, as you will walk upon the Earth.  You will not be swayed by angry voices, or thundering threats.  You will feel My Presence with you.  You will know Me, and My ways.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not turn from The Hand of God, for it will lead you Home, and you shall walk without fear, or doubt, or worry.  Each day is passing, even as it begins.  Therefore, do not waste the precious day.  It is to be cherished in every way.  The gift of this new day is yours, and it is sacred.  Respect the gift you have been given.