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October 14, 2019

      Be mindful of what you say.  Do not release your tongue to hurl words of anger, or frustration, or mockery, or bitterness onto the Earth.  Be mindful of what you say.  Choose to bless the Earth with the words you speak, so that those who hear your words feel as if they are a blessing, a blanket, a smile.

                                                             And The Holy Spirit says:

      Master yourself in such a way that you refuse to give-in to the darker and shadowy energies of anger, and frustration, of sullenness, and yes, even just being grumpy and out-of-sorts.  Do not give these energies a foothold within you, because even if you try to hide these energies from the world, they will rise-up, and turn on you, revealing what is within you, through the words you speak, and the deeds you do.  Master the energies that are within you.  Know the spirit which is animating your body.  Let My Spirit guide you through the day, for I will not harm you, or those around you, in any way.  If you will listen to Me, your thoughts will be good, your words will be a blessing, and your deeds will be of Heaven, today.