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October 14, 2020



      It is best to curb your appetite for the praise, and approval, of others, for this desire will often lead you into doing something you would not do on your own.  Seek to do that which is on your heart.  Seek to do the things which make you happy, which you do well; because, in the doing of something that makes you happy, something you do well, there is a feeling of confidence, a feeling of accomplishment, and it is held within the creation, that came from you.  You look at it, and you see, and know, what you created is good, and of you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not seek the approval, or praise, of others.  Seek to do that which you are meant to do. That, which you are meant to do, will naturally bring you joy, a sense of accomplishment.  While seeking the approval of others will often lead you down a path, which is not for you.  Seek to do those things that you are meant to do, and joy will be held within the creation of all you do.