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October 15, 2020


      I love you.  It might be difficult for you to believe that The Creator of All Things loves you, infinitely, unconditionally, eternally.  It might be difficult for you to believe that there is not one thing you can do, which will keep Me from loving you, infinitely, unconditionally, eternally.  This is possible, because I know you at your soul level, I know you as the spirit you are.  I do not identify, solely, with the body you are wearing, temporarily, now.  Our connection, our relationship, is the soul, and the spirit, that is you.  Believe this because it is true.  When you take yourself away, and walk amongst the trees of the forest, with no other human being speaking to you, or pulling upon you, for attention, you feel that stirring, within.  For a brief time, you are living, as it was intended for you to live, upon the Earth, experiencing the magnificence of Earth, while being completely connected with Me.  When you are quiet, when you are in this space, this sweet space of silence, you hear Me.  You realize a guidance, a direction.  You often believe those are your thoughts, something coming to you, created of you.  But it is: Me, speaking to you, through The Holy Spirit, guiding you; direction, leading you to where it is good for you to be.  I love you.  And I shall love you, eternally.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You will come closer to understanding the love God has for you, if you will make it a practice, to set yourself aside from all the work, and the talk, and the noise, of the everyday world, and draw nearer to God.  Sit, quietly.  Empty your thoughts.  Be at peace.  And when this practice becomes something that you do, every day, that connection gets stronger, and stronger, and clearer, and clearer.  And, if you follow the direction given, you will not lose your way.  You will walk into each day, confident that you are being led by Me; and, I was sent to thee: to be your Counselor; to speak the truth; to lead you Home.