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October 16, 2019

      So many of you, My children, call-out, crying, asking for help, because you are weary, and tired, and some of you are so exhausted you cannot call-out.  This weariness of body, and soul, and spirit comes from carrying all of the baggage and the burdens of the past which have not been released, which have not been forgiven by you.  And these burdens, and things of the past, create within you a fear of the future, many times.  These burdens of the past can also bring lamentation of the present.  Nothing has happened in the past that cannot be forgiven.  I forgive all things.  Now, it is your turn to forgive all things, and one by one the burdens will be crushed to dust beneath your feet, and you will rise-up singing, for you are no longer bound by the burdens of the past, you are lifted-up on the joyful task of forgiveness.  Release your burdens, and set yourself free.  Forgive.

                                                              And The Holy Spirit says:

      It can be difficult to accept that weariness comes from the burdens of the past, being weighed-down by what happened yesterday, or ten years ago, or often generations ago.  Carrying the burdens of what has been can make you tired, it can make you thin of patience, it can make you fat with worry.  Spend some time today in quiet, and in the stillness you will be guided, you will be visited.  You will know where to start, because these things will come to you into your heart, and into your thoughts.  When you see a face, or remember words harsh, or deeds done in anger forgive, and forgive from the heart, and set yourself free, and start living life as it is meant to be, free of the trappings.  Set yourself free.  Forgive.