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October 17, 2019

      You are the offspring of your physical parents, and once you leave your childhood home, and enter the world created by man, there is a distance between you, sometimes; yet, this distance cannot deny that you are family, and all the members of your family are connected to you.  You cannot deny family.  You can reject family, but you cannot deny it.  You carry your family history within you.  Every drop of your blood is a recording of your physical history.  Those who were on Earth before you are within you.  My child, it is the same between you and Me.  We are family.  Your spiritual DNA carries the history of your Eternal Family.  You cannot deny, you can reject.  But, you cannot deny that I AM with you, for to try to deny that I AM with you only proves further that I AM with you.  This is why I sent The Holy Spirit to be with you, so that you would have inner guidance, as you are away from your Spiritual Family.  This connection is often reflected in the physical family, as well, and why, so often, you can hear instruction, or direction, or guidance given to you by your parents, or your grandparents, or aunts or uncles years later, ringing throughout your memory.  You have all you need within you.

                                                            And The Holy Spirit says:

      It is true, you cannot deny family.  You can reject family, but in the trying and denying you only prove further that you are connected to your family, in a physical way.  You carry the DNA, the chart, of the generations who went before you, who walked the Earth before you, who acknowledged trials, and danced with joy, and these things are within you.  One day you too will be remembered as a member of past generations, so choose that which you think, and say, and do wisely, because forty, or fifty years from now you will be a memory, let it be good.